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Social Media

We love to be social and spend a lot of time as you may see posting to our many platforms. We believe in ‘Trading in Attention’ and getting people to notice us and our clients.

There are many Social Media Managers but we take it to the next step. Our approach is to use automated software and personal posting to maximise thereturns.

What we do.

  • We work on a 21 day cycle and plan the initial images and scripts with hashtags so we can set a base. This requires us to create the images to fit the platforms and plan the program of posts.
  • We then, with the client post at least another 3-4 stories each day. Some business related and some reactive to trends that we monitor.
  • We then, Like, share and comment throughout the day to get maximum traction with your audience.
  • After the inial 14 days we present the next 21 days¬† of posts and stories and start all over again.

Throughout the processwe monitor the stats so we can see whats working and what needs tweeking.

Take a look at our social platforms and see how we post.