The fold is the part of the screen that users can’t see past without scrolling. According to a study by NNGroup, web visitors now spend 57% of their time on a website above the fold. In terms of website design, this means that it’s a good idea to put most of your important information above the fold.

However, in the past, the fold was much more important than it is today. In 2010, users spent around 80% of their time above the fold. There are a few reasons why this may be the case.

It could be related to the changing technology landscape; viewers are increasingly accessing websites on different types of devices, with different screen sizes, and different folds.

It could be that designers are getting better at their jobs and successfully inviting users to scroll down. Or it could simply be that the longer users have had to get used to navigating the internet, the more conditioned we have become to scroll.

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