Content marketing is at the very core of digital marketing. Content continues to be an essential feature in increasing traffic, engaging with people, and encouraging others to get involved.

Years ago, content marketing focussed heavily on blogs, however, times have changed and we’ve moved onto bigger and better things. Whilst blogs are still important, there’s a wider audience to reach and more platforms to use for content marketing.

If you want to be successful at content marketing, you need to understand it. As I’ve said, it isn’t just writing. It’s about SEO, grabbing the users’ attention, and using different technologies to engage with your target market.

It’s absolutely crucial to stay on top of the latest content marketing trends, which is why we’ve brought you a list of New Content Marketing Statistics That Are a Must-Know for 2020…

General Content Marketing Statistics

Mobile Statistics

B2B Statistics

B2C Statistics

Email Marketing Statistics

Video Marketing Statistics

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