A life in print

Managing the document lifecycle

I started in print in 1989 as a litho apprentice and have journeyed through the print industry as both Producer, Seller and Manager.

With a unique position of working in all sectors of print I leverage this knowledge learned to deliver concise feedback and analysis for my clients. By knowing, my clients, understanding what makes them get up everyday, their dreams for their business, how they measure success and how they invest their time in building for the now and growing for the future.

This insight provides a profile that when comparing proposals allows for a more empathetic approach and conclusion.

Some projects can be easily managed and some need a more precise action plan and partnerships with trusted suppliers. I have a large family of business owners who I have worked with,  absorbed huge amount of their knowledge, and drawn upon their experience and excellence service and quality products.

In the past 30 years I have worked with digital, litho, screenprinting, wide format, packaging, events and direct mail, still today, with the same passion i share this knowledge with my clients when choosing the best fit suppliers, analysing the best technology and the most cost effective solutions.

My vast experience with working for the worlds best digital printer manufacturers and software designers is best utilised when reading and analysing the proposals sent to each client. Every printer provider have small differences, many similarities but all have clear benefits depending on the clients requirements and future plans.

By comparing all of these with my inside knowledge lets the client make decisions with confidence.

Only working with the best

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