Managed Print Solutions

Managing the document lifecycle

Every Managed Print Solutions company, and lets be honest, offer pretty much the same service. You get bombarded every few months by a CRM drive sales army form every size of business offering the solution to your business needs. They may have never spoken to you, never asked you a single question and offer you the best priced proposal and then then you sit back and wait for 15 quotes.

At Tic Creative, we sort out the cowboys and the commision chasers and those business’s that are offering services that they are not able to deliver.

We can do three things:

  1. Audit and Analyse. We audit your business, your fleet, your staff, your future plans and of course your document lifecycle and how this is managed throughout the business. We then sift though the proposals you have received and offer an unbiased analysis and our recommendations of best fit.
  2. MPS Agent. You continue to manage your business and we act as the middleman and contact point for the pushy salesman, we take the calls, we analyse the presentations and present the best value solution, we even let down all the unsuccessful companies.
  3. We do everything. Our relationships with the premier manufacturiers of MPS solutions and software allow us to negotiate the best deals with the best fit solution and deliver a service without any of the commision based salespeople.

Our services are all based single fixed fee and no commission is ever payable.

Getting down to the nitty gritty

Every proposal you receive is not the same, most people know this but they spend little time on understanding what has been put in front of them. I am stunned at how many clients flip to the fixed costs of the hardware and the click rates of their copies and dont understand that they are being sold the wrong solutions.

I have witnessed salesmen selling the wrong product, acting as if they know ideal solution but is not asking enough questions, let alone having the empathy to work with the client and understanding their needs and what problems need fixing.

We spend the initial time on the issues, we talk to the correct people, we ask the probing questions so we can create the correct profile of solution to deliver.

Let’s Work Together

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