Product Design

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Show your works with style.

Traditionally, packaging designers and entrepreneurs had to make mock-ups at some point in their design workflow. They needed the mock-ups to win pitches, convince clients, and decide on materials and finishing effects. Making mock-ups is a time consuming and expensive process. Virtual packaging is the way to go!


There is no more need to cut, fold and glue print-outs all the time because we bring your product to life on on the screen.


You’ll find yourself working faster and more creative. And the artwork that you deliver is technically more correct. That way, your designs do not get compromised during production. You might still make conventional mock-ups, but with our Studio you have a new option: faster and cheaper virtual mock-ups.

Speed up the process

Reduce costs

Increase Accuracy

Improve Opportunities

Win more Business

Virtual Design

Create before make

When budgets are tight, creating a mock up or virtual products help the visualisation and development stages of any product design. By creating realistic imagery of your designs we can assist in reducing budgets and time scales.

Improve Brand Strength

be consistant

Change the way you handle packaging and point of sale development. Shorten your artwork approval cycle with stunning 3D visuals. Save mock-up and studio photography costs. Use a virtual alter ego of your entire product range, always up to date with the latest artwork.

Save Money

save time

Printers, engravers and other suppliers will give you a digital proof of the artwork before the job is done. Some will also supply a mockup, or virtual proof, with your artwork superimposed on a product so that you can get an idea of what the final product may look like. If your supplier does not provide mockups, we can generate one for you. All we need is your graphic and a photo of the product your logo will be put on.