The Analytical Approach

Managing the document lifecycle

For many years I sold Managed Print Solutions to a variety of clients, all different in what they require in a solution. Tic Creative take the time to understand this need and analyse the proposals received by 4 metrics to deliver the SUITABILITY INDEX (SI) score to the client.  The SI provides the client with a visual representation of the proposals and what benefits the client most accross the term of the contract, usually 3-5 years.

This score is made up of the 4 metrics.

  1. The Solution Offered We read every proposal, the hardware offered, the cpc rates the financials and of course the Terms & conditions. we then rate each these against the clients requirements, is the hardware right and fit for purpose, is it future proofed, who will train the users and what issues can we see with the servicing of the devices
  2. The Financials. Firstly we take a look at all the data. Your current position, how you work, the volumes you print and lease agreements. By creating a user profile we then compare all of the fixed and variable costs to create a comparison with all of the new proposals. The outcome is a snapshot of potential costs and savings over any term, 3, 4, or 5 years.
  3. CPC Comparison.We closely look at all of the terms and conditions associated with the ‘Cost per Copy’ and servicing of the printers. Each proposal will set minimum spend limits or guaranteed copies commitments in these contracts and so we set out clearly the differences in a concise report that lets each client be aware any potential financial or contractual issues that may arise.
  4. Total Cost Of Ownership. Finally we illustrate the total cost to your business over the term of the lease and service contracts. we calculate the potential volume increases/decreases and how this may affect the overall financial commitment to your business.

We compare metrics 1,2 and 3 and deliver the ‘Suitability Index’ number and our recommendations for the best business proposal to accept.

Our services are all based single fixed fee and no commission is ever payable.

The Sustainability Index

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